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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

For the Race:..Everything../Outside the Race..Nothing

For the Race everything
Outside the Race...........nothing.

A skit.

Location: A restaurant in San Antonio, Texas.
Near the Alamo.

The Alamo: A place where one day, A quiet non assuming gardener
by the name of Santa Anna was just walking by when suddenly
a guy named Davey Crockett just takes a shot at him…for no reason at all.


The first character is a person who
could be anybody who is not hispanic or a hispanic
who thinks they're an American first even though
they do love their family and a lot about their culture,
they are often referred to (lovingly) as coconuts by the “real hispanics”
This person shall be referred to as "Anybody other than".

The second character is a person who
could be anybody who is hispanic or a non-hispanic
who thinks that anybody even slightly brown should
be automatically deferred to. This person shall be referred to as
"One of the Race"., except for the person who is not brown
they are referred to as a convenient tool or just tool if there’s
been enough alcohol consumed to induce a kind of blunt honesty
amongst the participating.


Scene 1…take one

"Anybody":...... "Could you pass the ketchup?"

"One of the Race":..... "Are you asking for the ketchup because it is red
and red is a derogatory name for Indians and you are testing the waters
to see if you can get away with calling me a Spic? Is that it??!!
Is that it you racist white honkey oppressor pig??!!

"Anybody"....No...(startled) I'm asking for ketchup because I like it
on my hamburger. See I've ordered a hamburger and now I want to
enjoy it. Ketchup I think always makes hamburgers taste good to me."

"One of the Race":.....Did you know that the tomatoes picked to make
that ketchup were probably picked by an undocumented, saint like, can never
be questioned originally here first indigenous person." (Voice rising..bordering
on hysteria)

"Anybody":.............I heard this particular company uses only work visa certified

"One of the Race":....So you chose that ketchup to make sure you could starve
out those who had to sneak across the border even though in actuality the border crossed them??!!
("One of the Race" is now standing and screaming in complete and total non-restraint.
Racist!! Racist!! Hater!! Hater!!)

The police show up and ask what the problem is and "One of the Race's" boyfriend is sitting in the next booth over acting like he never met anybody there says..."Honestly Officer I was just minding my business here when that person eating the hamburger with ketchup just suddenly started threatening this poor innocent girl here."

Officer:…”Is that true?”

“One of the Race” bats her eyes, wipes away a tear and says…yes’s true.
It’s true.”

Later after "Anybody" has been taken away.........."One of the race" invites her boyfriend over and they eat "Anybody's" hamburger laughing and snickering between bites.

“Finally …………….Justice!!

But then they both get suddenly get sick because the Spinach that was on the
Hamburger had fecal matter on it from one of the other “revolutionaries” in the
Field fighting in his own way the sickening Anglo aggressor.

End scene with an emergency vehicle pulling up and rushing in
And while the camera rolls back a crack addict jumps in and steals the ambulance.

End scene:


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