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Friday, November 24, 2006


Totally Skeeered of Hispanics

All I ever do on certain days
Is sit in a corner and cringe
I'm afraid to start drinkin
I might go on a binge

Cause I'm so skeeered
Of the people with brown skin
I'm a shakin and a quakin
I don't know where to begin

Since I'm so inferior
Since I'm so dumb
This shreeking terror inside
I'll never be able overcome

This irrationality I have
This tendency to cry
Every time I'm even given
A simple wave to say hi

Sometimes as the sun goes down
I'm almost completely frozen in fear
Thinking there might be some
Late night latino drawing near

Freaked would be more like it
At certain other times
It's white guilt to the hilt
I know they can read my mind


And while I am confessing
How my Caucasian soul is corrupt
I might as well tell ya
Sometimes I get so skeeered
I just out and out throw up

Yeah sure.......

12:38 pm
another ditty from conversations
with those soaked in their own
cultural self pity when it comes
to discussing.......Closing the Border
And deporting the illegals



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