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This is a site to point out the idiocy of being an illegal.. standing, marching, "protesting" in the streets of America about not having any Constitutional Rights. Hey stupid!! You're not a citizen. Duh! The Constitution is for Americans. Who is it that is organizing these people? Who is it that is supporting this Sombrero from Outer Space Alien Invasion? Let's throw out the illegals. Let's fine and or jail those who hire them and take away jobs from Americans. Let's build the Fence! Now!!!

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Let us gather our back packs and tools Let us hone our intelligence and skills Let us not be the useful idiot fools That as they lay in their beds are killed Let us rise up with the sun Let us stalk the night with the moon Let us our good works get done For soon we will be singing the Swords bloody tune Neils 4:53 am 06/15/2011

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The moderate pretender among us

He's hiding behind his tolerance

He'd hiding behind his calm
He's hiding behind his moderation
He's hiding the snake in his spine
The guts it takes to keep a free nation

He's all mister negotiation
He's all I'm above it all
He's here as a blame assigner
And to make sure somebody else

Takes his fall

He’s got no fire in his belly
He’s got no rage to engage
His passion is force fit into fashion
And neatly wrapped up in a cage

He’s afraid of the edge that cuts
He’s afraid of the tip of the spear
To him exploratory courage is nuts
But really it’s just that

He can’t face his own fear

9:42 pm


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