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This is a site to point out the idiocy of being an illegal.. standing, marching, "protesting" in the streets of America about not having any Constitutional Rights. Hey stupid!! You're not a citizen. Duh! The Constitution is for Americans. Who is it that is organizing these people? Who is it that is supporting this Sombrero from Outer Space Alien Invasion? Let's throw out the illegals. Let's fine and or jail those who hire them and take away jobs from Americans. Let's build the Fence! Now!!!

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Battle of the Bands

Dueling songs as relates to the
Illegal alien invasion supporters vs. the pro sovereignty Americans:


E. Wright Cooley, Rebecca F., Colin McGeehan 2007

Jesus, hide me
Don’t let them take Saulito away
My boy’s an American
Like I would be if I had my way

Why don’t you want me?
My home is here and I want to stay
Mother or motherland
Is not a choice a son should make

I’m not a criminal
I’m not a terrorist
I’m just a single working mother and I need this.

Le lo le

Tried to break up my family
That’s why I had to raise the stakes
And I’m asking you honestly
Do you think you wouldn’t do the same?

A.) Accept me
B.) Ignore me
C.) Deport me
D.) There is no D!

We are not criminals
We are not terrorists
We are honest working families and we need this



Alternative Song


Doin the Arreano hustle

I love my sanctuary cities
I love my housing and free food
I love all the open border freaks
That try to up lift my mood

I know I am a criminal
But I don't care about facts
I'm gonna have an anchor baby
And then that'll settle that


Gimme gimme gimme
Gimme what I want
Your courts are beneath contempt
Thus my illegality I will flaunt

Gimme gimme gimme
My sob story on page one
I love my Mexican Heritage
Even though I have to hide and run


I abandon my own son
But I'll blame the USA
I'm the poster child for the invasion
For Aztlan to have it's day

Please send me more and more money
Please petition more and more courts
Because frankly it’s too much trouble
For freedom in my own country

To be something I support


Repeat Chorus:…

Gimme Gimme Gimme

and then....
Fading off to Mariachi music
Intermixed with random gun fire

1:36 am
transcribed this time
8:53 pm



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