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This is a site to point out the idiocy of being an illegal.. standing, marching, "protesting" in the streets of America about not having any Constitutional Rights. Hey stupid!! You're not a citizen. Duh! The Constitution is for Americans. Who is it that is organizing these people? Who is it that is supporting this Sombrero from Outer Space Alien Invasion? Let's throw out the illegals. Let's fine and or jail those who hire them and take away jobs from Americans. Let's build the Fence! Now!!!

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Horrible Thoughts

Horrible thoughts

Are only those concerning expressing harm
To those who enable the scum
Then somehow you're dangerous
Then you're the non-compassionate bum

If an American woman is
Is crashed into and loses her legs
Than the rest of us ought to
Continue to have to sit up and beg

About enforcing our laws
About deporting the illegal trash
That enabling companies use
To make a little extra cash



It is our lot in life to meekly
Take what ever they give
What ever bread crumb degradation
They offer to buy out the lives left to live

Her two kids were in the car
When he came over the hill drunk
And smashed right into her
Driving her into the bumper and trunk

He had been Dui before
But they didn't deport him then
Somewhere some judge was
Apparently bein a multi-cultural friend

Horrible thoughts

Are the ones directed back at
Official top Mexican Brass
Like saying you want to
Pull them out of their offices
And kick their ass

10:41 pm


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