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This is a site to point out the idiocy of being an illegal.. standing, marching, "protesting" in the streets of America about not having any Constitutional Rights. Hey stupid!! You're not a citizen. Duh! The Constitution is for Americans. Who is it that is organizing these people? Who is it that is supporting this Sombrero from Outer Space Alien Invasion? Let's throw out the illegals. Let's fine and or jail those who hire them and take away jobs from Americans. Let's build the Fence! Now!!!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Absoluthly Justified

Absoluthly Justified

You're not proud of your family and kin
You're not proud of where your origins begin
If it all came down to enough guilt and pressure
Certainly you'd sell out your friends

Be a good go along
And swallow the whole party line
Of La Raza And Azatlan
Let them soften up your mind

They're acting insulted in grocery stores
They're trying to do set ups to take you down
Any body who's got an honest pair of eyes
Sees it happening all over town

They're angry and self righteous
They're discourteous and rude
They're dismissive and opportunistic
And in a kind of get even kinda mood

They're challenging and sneaky
They'll bear false witness against you
They feel absoluthly justified
To lie distort and manipulate what's true

They stand around in isles
And if you ask them to move aside
They go completely off the deep end
Cause somehow you've offended their pride

They'll work with their wives and friends
To get you to over react to take their bait
They've been fed enough propaganda
They’re pushin hard their date with fate

But most of the time if you stay calm
And keep them a step away
You can keep it from boiling over
But it sure screws up a day

But one of these days one of these idiots
Is going to reach out and put hands on me
And he's going to find the final option
Of a man who's decided he will act free

And as usual I'll feel all alone
Most everybody will just mutely stand there
And I could ask who's on my side
But that'll be obvious in the mostly blank stares

There seems a lot of judgment going round
That kind of takes on the lop sided tone
That somehow it's got to be both parties fault
Or most assuredly mine....................alone

Like there is no such thing as right and wrong
Like who do you love and who do you trust
But hey I'm getting pretty good at seein
Who spells it justice and who spells it

Just us

And I ain't taken it................anymore
Whether it's the gas stations in the street
In my country and or

In my grocery store

11:21 pm
transcribed this time
11:47 pm



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