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This is a site to point out the idiocy of being an illegal.. standing, marching, "protesting" in the streets of America about not having any Constitutional Rights. Hey stupid!! You're not a citizen. Duh! The Constitution is for Americans. Who is it that is organizing these people? Who is it that is supporting this Sombrero from Outer Space Alien Invasion? Let's throw out the illegals. Let's fine and or jail those who hire them and take away jobs from Americans. Let's build the Fence! Now!!!

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Let us gather our back packs and tools Let us hone our intelligence and skills Let us not be the useful idiot fools That as they lay in their beds are killed Let us rise up with the sun Let us stalk the night with the moon Let us our good works get done For soon we will be singing the Swords bloody tune Neils 4:53 am 06/15/2011

Friday, April 30, 2010

Bring it

Bring all your shovels and axes
Bring all your simpering and wimpering
As to why you need to suckle off our taxes

Give us all your damn demands
Give us your gangs and guns
It's no wonder you're trash
And can't get anything done

Punk up and flip your signs
Tat up all over the place
I'm sick of your slime and crime
And that smug thug look on your face

You keep talkin about weapons
And doing Americans harm
You'll find out we're not like the idiots
Who don't believe in being armed

Obama might be your buddy
As well as Pelosi and Reed

So...take'm with you when you go
Or you're going to find out why
Don't tread on me is an essential
Part of our creed

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It can't happen here

We would never be invaded by illegal aliens
Without one meaningful shot
We would never return them over and over again
So they can be released and re-caught

We would never bow to the Saudis
We would never take from Chavez a book
We would never ignore North Korea
And give their sinking of ships no second look

It can't happen here
There will never be thousands of gangs
With millions of members roaming the street
Out there wilding looking for a chance to bang

We'll never be turned to Socialism
By a scum bag with a serpents tongue
Our schools will never be used and abused
To brain wash our young

There will never be so dark of night
There will never be such an evil storm
That demons will run amok
And with impunity kill the unborn

They would never put on trial
Three SEALs some of America's best
What Jag Off would take such an order
Would subject honorable men to such

An abjectly detestable test


It could never happen here
It could never happen here
The sun will always shine
The way will always be clear

But fear can be a good thing
It whispers in our ear
It tells us to ready ourselves
It tells us something is very near

For it is not that we are afraid when even
Truth must face those who would doubt it
And even if the earth itself does tremble
We must ask ourselves

What ragged and weary worn heart
Will still rise to to do something about it

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The World is a dangerous place

And they're lying right to our face
They're saying the border crossed them
And this land is really their place

They're liars cheats and theives
Drug runners robbers and whores
Every third prisoner is a Mexican
And they want to bring in more

They're arrogant and violent
They hate you because you're white
They're here to take it all
And to Hell with wrong and right

Who is it that hires this scum
Who is it selling the rest of us out
Who is it fake flake smiling
Like they don't know what it's about

Believe me they have grenades
And rocket launchers too
And they're just biding their time
To show them all to you

They got political officers
Playing the race card all the way
But I don't in the least feel guilty
I hate them all night and day

Get the Hell out of my country
All I've got is death for you
No matter what angle you come from
I'm not ever changing my view

7:35 pm
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