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This is a site to point out the idiocy of being an illegal.. standing, marching, "protesting" in the streets of America about not having any Constitutional Rights. Hey stupid!! You're not a citizen. Duh! The Constitution is for Americans. Who is it that is organizing these people? Who is it that is supporting this Sombrero from Outer Space Alien Invasion? Let's throw out the illegals. Let's fine and or jail those who hire them and take away jobs from Americans. Let's build the Fence! Now!!!

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Let us gather our back packs and tools Let us hone our intelligence and skills Let us not be the useful idiot fools That as they lay in their beds are killed Let us rise up with the sun Let us stalk the night with the moon Let us our good works get done For soon we will be singing the Swords bloody tune Neils 4:53 am 06/15/2011

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All I can hope for

All I can hope for

Is that I can close my eyes
And bury my head in the sand
While turning off the light of insight
And turning away from an honest stand

All I can hope for

Is to give into symp and wimp
And let the illegals stay here
And that will let me look good
And calm my raging inner fear

All I can hope for

Is to create a mindset in myself
That will allow me to step away
From the hard core decisions
To help make it a better day

And give into endless sob stories
But not those of American citizens
We wouldn't want to over concentrate
On our own nation's women and men

Much less the children
Who are sold out in schools
Who are targeted and limited
By a bunch of fools rules

That tells them lowered standards
And mindless so called toleration
Is how to achieve excellence
In each and every individual situation

All I can hope for

Is that I can profile out
Is that I can pose just right
And assure all the criminals
That I will never stand and fight

10:11 am
transcribed this time
10:19 am


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dear Felipe

Dear Felipe,

Look Scum Bucket

I don’t know who you think you are
That you’re going to compare the Berlin Wall
To any attempt at security the US may do
To protect its borders from those

Who walk run crawl

Out of your crummy country
Why again is it they have to leave there
To find any opportunity to make a living
To try to get anywhere

You got any answer to that
You got any answers at all
As to why your citizens can not
Find employment enough to stand tall

You sure do seem to talk it up
For not being able to produce yourself
You are really such a suck example
The way you try to put it on someone else

I am getting sick of your manipulations
I am getting sick of your drug cartels
I am getting sick of your country’s corruption
That’s taking your countrymen

Straight to Hell

What is wrong with you
Are you not capable of growing a spine
Have you no guts or courage
Can you not make better use of your time

Then opening your mouth
And dumping on the USA
You had better watch what you’re doing
You had better watch what you say

10:54 pm
Felipe Calderon flips
And thinks it’s his business
To call the United States decision to build
A wall on our own border…”deplorable”

Like he isn’t another Fox in the hen house
In the bag for his country’s stinking super rich
Families keeping the peasants…..down


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dear Race Hustlers
La Raza Pimps,

An Open Letter to the Moderators:

Obviously you are clever individuals. And just as obviously you had not one person
who was Pro Illegal Alien Invasion ... Anti-American who could refute any of the real circumstances involving the CRIME...that is disregarding the Sovereignty of The United States of America.

I am not here to debate mere semantics myself.

The arrogance and self serving smug nature of your asking me to capitulate,
to lie prostrate before your feet in an act of submission is only outweighed
By your out and out decietful nature to try to "appear" neutral.

You are about as neutral as Lionel Sosa doing all he can to drag his Trojan Horse
*Culture at all costs before the well being of America* into the Republican ranks
while wearing A Santa Anna Hat and a Che Queverra T-shirt.

If you choose not to comply with simple honesty in a real debate then I will see you and others of like ilk (ie. fake flakes) on the playing field of interaction that will determine America's future.

Now let's see.........

Is it public funds you're using?
Who are your money men?
There seems to be an obvious direct tie to
Incarnate Word....? Mmmmmm...
Incarnate Word is a University and thus qualifies for FederalFunds...

Got all your ducks in a row?

You know Duck..............
as in you duck the real issue of relating to me and falling backon the ol standads like...............

Oohhhhhhh I'm scared...
Big bad man scare me.

2:21 pm


--- wrote:
Mr. Christensen,

Obviously you are an intelligent individual.
We are not here to debate semantics about definitions or examples of anger and
violence. We have said we reviewed your posts and determined you have violated
the terms of the MATT website agreement.

We are willing to give you one more opportunity to be reinstated.
However you must acknowledge your behavior as stated and agree
to the reinstatement conditions. If you acknowledge and agree,
we will reinstate you this evening and we will track your posts for the next 30 days
to ensure compliance. If you choose not to comply, we wish you the best and suggest
you investigate other sites to join which may be geared more towards your own goals.

MATT Moderators
-----Original Message----->
From: "Neils Christensen"
myemailaddress Sent: Mon, January 15, 2007 6:31 pm

RE: Why was I banned?...........response to..your response...

Could you give me an example
of what you call my "anger"....
Referencing violence...?

How else do we approach the topics of murder, rape and assaults?

I have stated over and over my stand on violence is one based on self defense.
I consider myself as having responded resonably and intelligently.

I have been called names and repeatedly told I'm pitied.
I have had offerings of pyscho-analysis pertaining to my mother and father offered up
to me as something as a reasonable way to converse. I have had my time in service,
the USMC out right insulted and challenged.

It seems calling someone a racist when they don't agree to wide open borders and want American Sovereignty in tact.............remains an acceptable tactic.

Is questioning where a member has gone...somehow viewed as an insult and challenge?

5:25 pm

********************************** wrote:

Mr. Christensen,

The three MATT Moderators and I are monitoring the threads very closely to ensure
all members are following the Terms and Agreements of this website.
We have suspended various members for violating these rules. We have reviewed your posts
at length. You have been reported by several members. You have violated the rules
of the MATT website.

Rules indicate sticking to the topic of the threads.
You cannot use profane language or call other members names.
You must refrain from speaking of violence. You must not gang up on other members.
In addition, on the evening of your suspension, you became angry because another member
was suspended.

We do not take suspension of accounts lightly.
We are willing to give you one more opportunity.
It will be conditional. We will reinstate you under the condition
you acknowledge your behavior and commit to the terms and conditions of the
MATT website. This includes staying on topic, not responding angrily to other members
or name calling or speaking of violence. We also ask that you keep this communication private
and not reference this on the MATT website.

We ask all members to adhere to the goals of our website and stick to MATT topics
of discussion. If you agree to these conditions, we will reinstate your membership.
As long as your behavior remains professional we will allow your membership to remain active.

It is up to you.
Do you acknowledge your behavior as stated?
Do you agree to the reinstatement conditions?

If you acknowledge and agree, we will reinstate you this evening
and we will track your posts for the next 30 days to ensure compliance.

MATT Moderators


Original Message-----> > From: "Neils Christensen" myemailaddress

January 15, 2007 5:18 pm

Subject: Why was I banned?

My name is Neils
I go by the screen name neilsthepoet
I have over 1740 posts on

I would like a reply as to why my access has been blocked?

4:17 pm
whole thing transcribed with legibility edits only

3:34 pm


3:34 pm

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A pro-illegal says where she's at on MATT

A pro illegal expresses
Where she’s at on MATT

I like it here

I like it here so much
I want all of Mexico here
I don't care about the crime stats
I am oblivious to fear

I like it here
I like it here so much
All the illegals should get
American benefits as a crutch

If for nothing else to punish
The brown hating white man
I like it here I like it here
That's why I'm doing all I can

To make it like where the
Illegals came from
Underpaid Under schooled
Over ruled and forced to remain numb

3:34 pm
*a satire on the Deelusional tour

and when I was told sarcastically
“Thank you Neils Dear,
You are finally coming around!!”
I did this one:

I also like graffiti

All over my fences and signs
I like baggy pants hung low
I like gang sign flipin
And backwards hat wearin

Don't you know

6:03 pm
transcribed this time
7:26 pm
info note:

MATT refers to
a pro-illegal site run by Lionel Sosa
in San Antonio, Texas.
He trys to pass off as neutral
but he's about as neutral as somebody
wearing a Santa Anna hat
And a Che Quevera t-shirt....

N.....yet again

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A Dee-lusional Propagandist....and her pity

A Dee-lusional propagandist
And her pity

It is you who are spouting rhetoric and hate
It is you who are crawling in the gutters of slime
And blaming everybody around you and can not
See what is imminating from your own mind

You constantly accuse everybody falsely
What tales of lies and deciet you tell
And then you have the nerve to tell them
You feel sorry for them and pity them as well

You are so full of yourself it's unbelievable
You have the narrowest view I've ever seen
You throw sewage and mud at honest citizens
And then swear your hands are clean

I am an American with a broken heart
But that does not mean I won't fight back
I will not just stand by and watch my country
Fall to this Illegal Alien Invasion sneak attack

I will not be forced to speak spanish
I will not pay pesos for my food
I will not let my righteous anger
Be dismissed as some kind of personal mood

I will stand up for my brothers and sisters
I will call down on Mexico's filth and crime
I will call out the illegals supporters and
And their dispicable tactics of wasting time

I will witness the venues who pose as fair
But never but never give the other side
I will push on through the pity me stories
I am not impressed by Raza-ista pride

That won't dare to make Mexico better
Who won't take that bull by the horns
Get a backbone take back your own home
Because all you're getting from me

Is derision deportation and scorn

10:31 am
transcribed this time
11:24 am

Now I have been officially
banned from
I have yet to be answered
as to why.
I mean besides the
Freedom of speech...
if you agree with us double standard.

N....yet again

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here Come The Illegals

Here come the illegals

Here come the murders
Here come the DUI’s
Here come the tragedies
And all the excuse making lies

Here come the rapists
Here comes the crime
Here comes the slippery
Slimy states of mind

Law officers are killed
As is a fathers precious child
The sorrows come in waves
Innocents are increasingly defiled

Families are in mourning
Tears are raining down
We are all increasingly aware
That evil is in town

And out on country roads
And over by the railroad tracks
Slipping into houses
And up behind people’s backs

Vehicular manslaughters are up
As is reckless driving and hit and runs
Somewhere some US citizen is
Suffering and or dying and all

Because of this flood of criminal scum


10:23 pm

Friday, January 05, 2007

Scare Tactics

Scare tactics........

You are just using scare tactics
Because the whole world is rosy and pink
Everybody everywhere is wonderful
Kind and have researched what they think

Any reference to illegal aliens being a threat
Or in any way a force for harm
Never has any factual basis and is
Merely an assault on their wonder and charm

There are no drug gangs making raids
Attacking the National Guard
Nope all of it has an easy answer
And one that isn't so hard

Just open up your borders wide
Just open your hearts and homes
Open up your bank accounts
And quit throwing those hateful stones

Like multiple mythical identity thefts
And higher rates of all kind of crimes
Just ease up about the murders and rapes
And float off into a fairy tale state of mind

Because amnesty is the answer
There is no need to build a wall
It's not so bad to surrender
It's not so bad to grovel and crawl

Scare tactics........

You are just using scare tactics
Because the whole world is rosy and pink
Everybody everywhere is wonderful
Kind and have researched what they think

Nobody is selling you out
Nobody is two faced about civil rights
Nobody is accusing you if you resist
That you are a hateful sad tsk tsk racist

And merely looking for a fight

10:38 am
transcribed this time
10:47 am


Monday, January 01, 2007

All Pro Illegal Alien Invasion Supporters

All Pro Illegal Alien Invasion Supporters

Are idiots and stupid to the max
They're brain cells rub together
Like they just took a hit of crack

They hate America
And lie and cheat and steal
They don't care who get's murdered
They don't care how patriots feel

They will say one thing to your face
And another under their breath
They're all empty smoke and mirrors
Who encourage crime disease and death

All Pro Illegal Alien Invasion Supporters

Try to turn around the blame
They have no decency or integrity
They have no honor or shame

They're money grubbing hustlers
Or arrogant La Raza pimps
Like Mexico would get better if
There were only more punked out wimps

Suffer suffer suffer
Oh no poor oppressed me
Tyrants slaves and whores
Oh what opportunities

They mock the law
And ridicule good citizens
When they're not being geniuses
Trying to breed themselves a win

All Pro Illegal Alien Invasion Supporters

Are mindless brain washed drones
Or some mad scheme dream greedy louts
Come to rob us of our land and homes

10:52 am
transcribed this time
4:38 pm