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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dear Felipe

Dear Felipe,

Look Scum Bucket

I don’t know who you think you are
That you’re going to compare the Berlin Wall
To any attempt at security the US may do
To protect its borders from those

Who walk run crawl

Out of your crummy country
Why again is it they have to leave there
To find any opportunity to make a living
To try to get anywhere

You got any answer to that
You got any answers at all
As to why your citizens can not
Find employment enough to stand tall

You sure do seem to talk it up
For not being able to produce yourself
You are really such a suck example
The way you try to put it on someone else

I am getting sick of your manipulations
I am getting sick of your drug cartels
I am getting sick of your country’s corruption
That’s taking your countrymen

Straight to Hell

What is wrong with you
Are you not capable of growing a spine
Have you no guts or courage
Can you not make better use of your time

Then opening your mouth
And dumping on the USA
You had better watch what you’re doing
You had better watch what you say

10:54 pm
Felipe Calderon flips
And thinks it’s his business
To call the United States decision to build
A wall on our own border…”deplorable”

Like he isn’t another Fox in the hen house
In the bag for his country’s stinking super rich
Families keeping the peasants…..down



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