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This is a site to point out the idiocy of being an illegal.. standing, marching, "protesting" in the streets of America about not having any Constitutional Rights. Hey stupid!! You're not a citizen. Duh! The Constitution is for Americans. Who is it that is organizing these people? Who is it that is supporting this Sombrero from Outer Space Alien Invasion? Let's throw out the illegals. Let's fine and or jail those who hire them and take away jobs from Americans. Let's build the Fence! Now!!!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

All the Mexican protestors

All the Mexican protestors

Spit in your face
As they wave the American flag
And laugh at your heritage
When they throw away that rag

In a trash can
At the end of their day
At the end of their march
To have it all their way

They want to sing the Anthem
In Spanish because it's cool
And they love to play you
Because they think you a fool

Aztlan Aztlan
Is what they plan
And about your freedom
They don't give a damn

They're foreign invaders
Come to take your way of life
The threat is very real to
Your family children and wife

They haven't got the guts
To make their own country just
That's why they sneak up here
And march for justice

But spell it .... just us

10:10 am
NEW YORK - Mexican pop slop diva Gloria Trevi,
Puerto Rican reggaeton Ivy Queen and Tito El Bambino and
other Latino artists are recording a Spanish-language version
of the U.S. national anthem in a show of support for migrants
in the United States.

Also: The switch to waving the American flag is
is revealed to be the purely propagandistic move
that it is in so much that the “marchers”
throw them in the trash according to LA police and others
When they’re through with them..
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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I don't want to nuke..........Mexico

I don't want to nuke

It takes away the long shots with my 308
It takes away my shot gun blasts to their guts
It takes away my standing on some barren hill
Screaming see I told you I'd kill you for havin

Your heads so far up your butts

I don't want to nuke Mexico
It would radiate my new ranch land down there
I need to sit out on my newly acquired porch
And breathe in some clean fresh air

From finally pushin back against a culture
That definitely does not have my interest at heart
I've been ticked a long long time about the flood
That has vet benefits hospital care and school standards

All falling dangerously apart

We're supposed to feed and educate them
Because they've got rotten arrogant leaders
That talk out of both sides of their mouths
And all because somebody hasn’t

Turned them into bleeders

Murderous criminals come up here
And then just go back to get away
While Mexican National diplomats
Thumb their noses and tell us all to

Have a nice day

I don't want to nuke Mexico

I'm still fairly well conditioned
I've still got skills with a knife and gun
I want the satisfaction
Of a very personal job well done

9:51 pm

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10:54 am


Sunday, April 09, 2006

When is enough enough

When is enough enough

How many murderers have to escape back
Over the border to Old Mexico
How many gang rapes in our parks of our women
How far does this ugly thing have to go

How much human cargo has to be trafficked
How many have to die in 18 wheeler trucks
How many have to be sold as sex slaves
Before Mexico's El Presidente is out of luck

And somebody puts a bullet in his royal head
Before somebody makes the super rich pay
Before somebody realizes the wretched poor
Shouldn't have to live in squalor every single day

Mexicos priviliged corrupt rotten upper class
Are the ones creating all this suffering and pain
When is somebody going to include them in
When time to chip in to play this game

When is somebody going to burn their cars
When is somebody going to torch their homes
When is somebody going to catch them
Out in the open and..................all alone

When is somebody going to blow them up
When is somebody going to take back the cash
They stole from America and the wage slave class
When is it time they pay for treating my

Constitution like trash

How many more illegals have to be in our jails
How many more borders guards get to be shot
While the blue Humvees mounted with 50 cals
Don't even have to worry about being caught

While drugs are smuggled in and coyotes
Rip off their own desperate citizens
When is enough enough
When are the men down there

Going to act like men

Because I'm telling you I'm real sick of it here
Up here where many of us have fought and died
And it was to be free and create opportunity
Not to get greedy rich and exude stupid pride

This crap had better come to a halt
Or the lid will blow and blood will flow
And don't tell me everybody doesn't feel it
Because then you're just part of the problem

If you don't know

9:54 pm
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10:53 pm
standard plausible deniability:

No intentions of real violence are meant
to be in any way connected with this work...


Border Plan

Border Plan

I still say

Line the Mexican US border with Vets
Give them long strips of land
And they will ensure border safety
They will make sure it's manned

With men who give a damn
What happens to national sovereignty
Some of us honor being citizens
Some of us respect being free

Issue some accurate 308's
And maybe a 50 caliber or two
Also some good personal side arms
It's time for frontier justice's dues

Additionally issue some MRE's
For those out there on patrol
And some simple basic equipment
For when it's hot or cold

There could be a community set up
Back about a mile or two
One with a general store and of course
Some bar b que would help too

Why not people are already dying
But it's our cops and citizens now
This illegal criminal invasion must be stopped
Mostly it's a matter of will not how

Get out and stay out
Stand back away from the neutral line
You've got your own country make it free

Stay the Hell .... out of mine

12:12 pm
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9:43 am


Friday, April 07, 2006

I hate the illegals

I hate the illegals

For their lack of guts to organize and resolve
The problems in their own nation
Why is it their only solution is to flee
To run away from the situation

Why don't they stop their oppressors
Why don't they take justice into their own hands
Why is constant mere grubbing survival enough
Don't they have any more noble dreams and demands

I hate the illegals for not getting off their knees
For taking what ever pitiful hand outs they can get
Don't they have any sense of pride at some point
Don't they have some tragedy that they can't forget

That makes them want to draw the line
To go no further with Mexico's political corruption
Must it always be their lives constantly in turmoil
Must it always be their families in constant disruption

Who down there knows there is wealth aplenty
And it is being kept control of by the few
Who down there knows that even their simple jobs
Deserved to be looked upon with a more respectful view

Isn't anybody angry at their brother being killed
By some sick sadistic excuse for a cop
Aren't any workers in the fields tired of being
Worked to death to bring in the abundant crops

Life is tough and sometimes it takes hard action
If justice is going to raise her eyes up and see
Why don't you take back your own country
Your own rights and quit running up here to me

That's why I hate you
Because you're willing to suffer and die
But not to make things better but to just
Stumble on to do just enough to get by

I hate you because you let fear run your hearts
Because you don't plan together and have dreams
You just keep huddling together bowing your heads
Terrified that you might be the next to scream

Whether it be at the hands of a drug lord
Or a slaver who'll put you in chains
Or some sadist Federalie who imprisons you
To extort you and your family cause that's his game

I hate you because you're sheep
Where are the men among you who think and see
That freedom begins at home and constantly running
Means you will never be free

Don't you have any self worth left in your ragged souls
Is there not a fire that burns in your heart
Don't you ever want to take back your own destiny
Don't you ever want to start to do your part

8:26 am
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11:30 am



Don't panic
It's only a hispanic

Crossing the border illegally
Because of corruption at home
Coyotes riding their back
The sun baking bleaching out their bones

What's Vincente doing
Nuthin but talkin on my local TV
But only in Spanish so I guess
That doesn't include me

What I want to know is
What latino stands up for this nation
Or are they too locked in culturally
When it comes to the illegal situation

Are you an American first and if not
You don't mind if I call you out
You don't mind if I laugh in your face
As to what you think it's all about

Keep it up so we're more like Mexico
A land of plywood shacks that stink and rot
Or exclusive protected housing areas
And wonderful cheap labored vacation spots

What a fool's paradise if you
Close your eyes and only look one way
Last time that happened in America
Some people rose up and chose themselves

A better day

But then again there's always
Some price you have to pay
If you don't want to be killed in your church
As you meekly huddle together and pray

People at some time have to learn
To stand and draw a hard line
People have to take their own freedom
Because it is way past over due

To stop
The hiding inside of mine

3:50 pm
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What we need is more emotion
What we need is the focus on sympathy
What we need is the story presented
In a way that requires our empathy

Why are they leaving
Is it just because they're poor
When are we going to look down there
As to who has more

What region are they from
And who has the power
Is it easier to write up
When it only takes the hours

To look in one country
As to where the injustice lies
Do you think it anymore the truth
Because the story makes us cry

If you want to help help
But don't make that decision for me
Don't you think there's more than
They only want to be free

Anybody askin Vincinte hard questions
Where did all the money go
That we gave to bail them out
And what do they have to show

What about our veterans and citizens
Are we to hang our heads in shame
Is this about culturism vs nationalism
And hypenated american names

Any pressure headed their direction
To make it a better place
So refugees don't have to flee
To find any saving grace

Or is it easier to take
From the good ol US of A
Than drugs and thugs and corruption
That don't want to hear what you have to say anyway

8:59 pm
*mailed to a local tv station
after another lead in report
ran all day about...."mexico's lost children"
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11:20 am


Wednesday, April 05, 2006



Coming to a convenience store near you
Coming to your local parks and schools
Coming to your corrupt city council
Coming courtesy of all the blind go along fools

Presto what do you know there are new
Requirements to be a Citizen of the United States
Sort of like when you're calling 911 and then
Having to go that extra little bit of time to wait

The post office is getting all multi culture vulture
They suddenly don't have flyers in English anyway
From behind the counter I'm greeted in Spanish
And am now expected to know what they say

Like I'm all for digging my own cultural grave
Like I'm all for giving away a strong foundation
I tell them I don't speak a foreign language
That always puts a twist in the situation


Coming to a radio and tv station near you
Funny how translation never seems to get done
When it's coming from the other direction
When the money is theirs it's too costly a sum

And don't even get me started on Vincente
Saying you're Mexicans first and Americans last
There's a slick slime merchant for you
Always ready and willing to play it loose and fast


Coming to you as decals on the back windows
Of cars in parking lots or driving around in town
The ones with the two Mexican Flags in the corners
Right side up..and the American flag in the lower middle

Upside down

8:57 pm
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Monday, April 03, 2006

What do you want the illegals to do

I want them to act like Americans

In their own country
I want them to work for freedom there
I want them to work to change things
To bring about a more equitable air

Amongst their own population
Amongst their own institutions
To bring justice to their own land
To write and live by their own constitutions

I want them to stand up
To educate themselves and take power
I want them to eradicate their own evil
Life is not all streams of dreams and flowers

I want them to act like Americans
When facing their own troubles and woes
I want them to draw together and find out
Who are their true friends and foes

To root out corruption at its core
To dig out the oppressors behind their walls
They have been built to keep fellow citizens out
Because they think they own it all

I want them to improve where they are
Freedom grows where you plant it's seed
Where you nurture it where you defend it
Where you honor it even if you have to bleed

I want them to make their own country good
And worthwhile to live in
Quit running away and coming to me with
Your hand out

It is not
Making me look at you as a friend...

5:14 pm

No Slack

No slack

Send all the illegals back

Why doesn't Mr UN-sensitive Fox
Make it a better place to live
Why does it have to be US
That always has to give give give

There's money down there
There's oil and power too
But it's kept amongst the
Rich and powerful few

Who are satisfied to have
The natives compressed and oppressed
Or they give'm half filled back packs
And say go be the yankie's guest

Drugs corruption and murder
50,000 ply wood shacks
And the last president they had
Left the treasury ransacked

Mexico City is the most
Polluted city in the world
What about Matamoras
And all those slaughtered girls

And don't they handle their
Own illegal immigration well
Flat out beat'm on the spot
Or throw them in a stinking jail

Press 1 to take back your country
It's English only for me
One nation one language
Helps with the efficiency

Pay for the hospital bills
Pay for the Federal cells
Pay for the underground black market
Where all kind of furtiveness dwells

The borders are wide wide open
Mexican police shoot at our men
And we don't even get to hear
What ever happens to them

Most of the politicians are crazy
When it comes down to this one
Not many are willing to stand up
And do what must be done


Once there were defenders
And thirteen days was the time
It took for their ultimate sacrifice
And that's why....

The Alamo is a shrine

8:35 pm
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Sunday, April 02, 2006

How to discuss the illegal immigrant invasion

How to discuss the illegal immigrant invasion

It's not like anything
Needs to get done or changed

Except maybe the way we talk about it
Maybe if we just used more sensitive terms
It wouldn't make the hyphenated-Americans
And their supporters squirm

Maybe if you could just give it a tweak
Another adjustment here and there
Maybe leave out some water for them
You wouldn't sound so unfair

Culturalism over nationalism
Where'd you get a phrase like that
Shouldn't sympathetic emotion
Always overcome logic reason and facts

How much is spent on hospital costs
How much is spent on enforcement costs
Is that all you're concerned about
Is the loss loss loss

Think about how it makes you feel
Like you're a superior caring being
Who is capable of such fashionable passion
For those who from poverty are fleeing

Forget Mexico becoming more just
And improving conditions down there
And that way they wouldn't have to leave
To find even minimal care

Because that's their country's business
They are their own Sovereign Nation
Just learn to be extra careful
How you converse about the situation

And maybe you'll learn to adjust
To the new and different way
Just change the way you think
Just change what words you say

And presto everything is hunky dory
Everything becomes dandy and fine
Things are a lot less trouble for a
Dillusional rather live in denial mind

You'll see
Go with the flow
Opposed means oppressor
In case you didn't know


There have you got it
Do you understand it yet
Think of it like never ending guilt
Compromising to accommodate regret

There have you got it
Do you understand it yet
Just keep making those installment
Payments....On a never ending debt

11:14 pm
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